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Best of 2014- Adult Fiction

Every year review journals and magazines like Booklist, Kirkus, libary Journal, and Publisher Weekly, pick the best books of the year. Here is a list the best of 2014 adult fiction, crime, thrillers, romance, historical and graphic novels.

The Below titles are available to check out. Please contact the library at 319-988-4217 to place a hold.

General Adult Fiction - Novels

Title                                                                                      Author                         

Lila                                                                                        Robinson, Marilynne

Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage           Murakami, Haruki

Untamed State, An                                                                 Gay, Roxane

Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing, A                                                McBride, Eimear

Dept. of Speculation                                                               Offill, Jenny

Fourth of July Creek                                                              Henderson, Smith

Wolf in White Van                                                                  Darnielle, John

Book of Unknown Americans, The                                          Henriquez, Christina

Everything I Never Told You                                                  Ng, Celeste

All My Puny Sorrows                                                              Toews, Miriam

Unnecessary Woman, An                                                       Alameddine, Rabih

10:04                                                                                     Lerner, Ben

All Our Names                                                                       Mengestu, Dinaw

Blazing World, The                                                                Hustvedt, Siri

Fever, The                                                                             Abbott, Megan

How to Be Both                                                                      Smith, Ali

Children Act, The                                                                   McEwan, Ian

Family Life                                                                             Sharma, Akhil

Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, The                                                 Zevin, Gabrielle

To Rise Again at a Decent Hour                                             Ferris, Joshua

Big Little Lies                                                                         Moriarty, Liane

Landline                                                                                 Rowell, Rainbow

Orfeo                                                                                     Powers, Richard

Us                                                                                         Nicholls, David

Love Me Back                                                                        Tierce, Merritt

Tigerman                                                                               Harkaway, Nick

Florence Gordon                                                                    Morton, Brian

How to Build a Girl                                                                 Moran, Caitlin

Last Illusion, The                                                                   Khakpour, Porochista

Nobody Is Ever Missing                                                         Lacey, Catherine

All the Birds, Singing                                                             Wyld, Evie

Dear Committee Members                                                      Schumacher, Julie

Panic in a Suitcase                                                                Akhtiorskaya, Yelena

Ugly Girls                                                                              Hunter, Lindsay

In the Light of What We Know                                                Rahman, Zia Haider

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves                                Fowler, Karen Joy

One Plus One                                                                        Moyes, Jojo


Adult General Fiction – Stories

Redeployment                                                                       Klay, Phil

Bark: Stories                                                                         Moore, Lorrie

Let Me Be Frank with You                                                      Ford, Richard

Can't and Won't                                                                     Davis, Lydia

Stone Mattress, The                                                              Atwood, Margaret


Adult Fiction - Crime and Thillers

Secret Place, The                                                           French, Tana

Laughing Monsters, The                                                 Johnson, Denis

Long Way Home, The                                                     Penny, Louise

After I'm Gone                                                                Lippman, Laura

I Am Pilgrim                                                                   Hayes, Terry

Mr. Mercedes                                                                 King, Stephen

Natchez Burning                                                             Iles, Greg

Elizabeth Is Missing                                                       Healey, Emma

Silkworm, The                                                                Galbraith, Robert

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot                                                  Shafer, David

Son, The                                                                        Nesbø, Jo

Black Hour, The                                                             Rader-Day, Lori

Black-Eyed Blonde, The                                                 Black, Benjamin

One Kick                                                                        Cain, Chelsea

Perfidia                                                                          Ellroy, James

Shovel Ready                                                                 Sternbergh, Adam

Those who Wish Me Dead                                              Koryta, Michael

Farm, The                                                                      Smith, Tom Rob

Personal                                                                        Child, Lee


Adult Fiction- Fantasy and Science Fiction

Station Eleven                                                                 Mandel, Emily St. John

Bone Clocks, The                                                            Mitchell, David

Martian, The                                                                    Weir, Andy

Magician's Land, The                                                       Grossman, Lev

Peripheral, The                                                                Gibson, William

Lock In                                                                            Scalzi, John

On Such a Full Sea                                                          Lee, Chang-Rae

Book of Strange New Things, The                                    Faber, Michel

Broken Monsters                                                             Beukes, Lauren

Goblin Emperor, The                                                       Addison, Katherine

Red Rising                                                                      Brown, Pierce

City of Stairs                                                                   Bennett, Robert Jackson

Ancillary Sword                                                               Leckie, Ann

Half a King                                                                      Abercrombie, Joe

Queen of the Tearling, The                                              Johansen, Erika

Bees, The                                                                       Paull, Laline

Girl with All the Gifts, The                                                Carey, M. R.

Revival                                                                           King, Stephen

Enchanted, The                                                               Denfeld, Rene


Adult Fiction – Historical Fiction

All the Light We Cannot See                                          Doerr, Anthony

Paying Guests, The                                                      Waters, Sarah

Euphoria                                                                       King, Lily

Brief History of Seven Killings, A                                   James, Marlon

Narrow Road to the Deep North, The                              Flanagan, Richard

Nora Webster                                                                Toibin, Colm

Zone of Interest, The                                                     Amis, Martin

Some Luck                                                                    Smiley, Jane

We Are Not Ourselves                                                   Thomas, Matthew

Invention of Wings, The                                                 Kidd, Sue Monk

Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932                     Prose, Francine

Song of the Shank                                                         Allen, Jeffery Renard

Officer and a Spy, An                                                    Harris, Robert

Girls at the Kingfisher Club, The                                    Valentine, Genevieve

Moor's Account, The                                                     Lalami, Laila

Museum of Extraordinary Things, The                           Hoffman, Alice

Frog Music                                                                   Donoghue, Emma

Land of Love and Drowning                                            Yanique, Tiphanie

Lucky Us                                                                      Bloom, Amy

Miniaturist, The                                                             Burton, Jessie

Neverhome                                                                   Hunt, Laird


Adult Fiction – Romance Fiction

Written in My Own Heart's Blood                                    Gabaldon, Diana

Three Weeks with Lady X                                              James, Eloisa

Heroes Are My Weakness                                             Phillips, Susan Elizabeth


Graphic Novels

Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant                  Chast, Roz

This One Summer                                                             Tamaki,Mariko & Tamaki, Jillian

Through the Woods                                                           Caroll, Emily

Beautiful Darkness                                                            Vehlmann, Fabien et al.

Here                                                                                 McGuire, Richard

Seconds                                                                           O'Malley, Brian

Shadow Hero, The                                                             Yang, Gene Luen & Liew, Sonny

Love Bunglers, The                                                           Hernandez, Jaime


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