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Donating Materials

The library accepts gifts of gently used books, CDs and other material. If you are cleaning out your home or office, consider donating your used items to the library.

Donation Policy

The Hudson Public Library and the Hudson Public Library Foundation are enriched by donations of materials as well as monetary contributions. 

The Hudson Public Library accepts donations of books, audio-visual materials and current magazines on behalf of the Hudson Public Library Foundation.  Any donated items needed for the library collection are routed directly to the library based on the same criteria applied to regular library purchases.  Materials added to the collection become the unrestricted property of the Hudson Public Library and as such may be withdrawn from the collection.  All other items are sold in-house or on-line for the benefit of the Hudson Public Library Foundation.  Donated items that are not used for the collection and prove unsellable will be recycled or otherwise disposed of.  All donors who so desire are given a receipt in the name of the foundation itemizing the number of items donated.

The Library does not accept magazines more than one year old, textbooks, encyclopedia sets, condensed books, materials in poor physical condition or books that are mildewed, dusty or soiled.  The library also does not accept donations of toys.    

Memorial gifts of money for the purchase library materials may be donated in honor of a friend or relative.  Purchased materials are marked with a special bookplate.  The Library will work with the donor to select appropriate titles in accordance with the “Selection of Library Resources” policy of the Hudson Public Library.

Special collections and memorial collections may be accepted at the discretion of the library director with the understanding that they may not be shelved as a single physical entity, but will be integrated into the general collection.  Memorial identification will normally be in the form of a special bookplate.

The role of the Hudson Public Library in collecting historical artifacts relating to the history of the City of Hudson is limited to photographs, papers, maps, newspapers, scrapbooks, diaries, and other print material. 

Personal property, art objects, memorial or commemorative objects, displays or plaques, portraits, artifacts, antiques, museum objects, and similar items are not generally accepted as gifts.  Under certain circumstances and with approval of the Library Board of Trustees, when such a gift meets the mission and needs of the library, the gift will be accepted.

The Hudson Public Library will not place a monetary value on gifts.  If appraisals are desired, they must be accomplished by the donor and at their own expense by a qualified appraiser. 

The Hudson Public Library reserves the right to decline any gift which does not further the mission or goals of the library or which would result in the incurrence of excessive expense or administrative effort.  All gifts may be utilized, sold or disposed of in the best interest of the Library.

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