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National History Day Resources


NHD participants get 10 free black and white copies per day from the Hudson Public Library as long as it is History Day related. These copies can be from the printer or the copy machine. Any black and white copies or printed pages after the free 10 are 10 cents per page. Color is 25 cents per page. Color or B&W on glossy paper is 1.25 per page. Students must have cash on hand for their copies at the time of printing.

Anything that you check out has only been checked out for 3 weeks. You must renew materials. We will renew them indefinitely as long as there is not a hold on the material but you must call or stop into the library to renew. We do not do it automatically and we do not forgive fines if you forget.


FIRST: Library Catalog. Search by Keyword, Author, or Title in the library or on-line at, click on Catalog tab.

Write down the call number. This is the number/ letter sequence that is on the spine of the book. In the catalog it is located below the title.

When you get to the library, ask a librarian for help in locating material.

We also recommend that you search Waterloo and Cedar Falls Public Libraries. You may get a card at either location as long as you have a parent or guardian with you. When you are done with the materials you can either return them to us and we will return them, or you can return them in person. You will have to follow Cedar Falls and Waterloo borrowing rules, including fines for late materials.


SECOND: Reference Materials


Current Biography yearbook (REF 920.009 CUR)

Almanac for Famous People (REF 920.02 WEB)

Webster’s American Biographies (REF 920.02 WEB)

Webster’s New Biographical Dictionary (REF 920.02 WEB)

Extraordinary American Indians (REF 973.0497 AVE)

Great Lives from History (REF 920.00904 GRE)

Great Lives from History (REF 920.00903 GRE),

Is the person an author?

American Authors 1600-1900 (REF 928.1 KUN)

Twentieth Century Authors (REF 928.1 KUN)

Lives of the Poets (REF 821.009 SCH)

Twentieth Century Children’s Writers (REF 820.9928 TWE)

Twentieth-Century Young Adult Writers (REF 810.9928 TWE)

An Iowa Author?

The Iowa Connection: Celebrating Authors and Illustrators (REF 928.1 IOW)

A President?

Facts about the Presidents (REF 920 KAN)

World Book of America’s Presidents (REF 321 PRE)


Encyclopedia of 20th Century Athletes (REF 796.0922 MCG)

Total Football II (REF 796.3326 TOT)

Scientist or Doctor?

Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists (JNF 509.22 WOR)

World Book Encyclopedia of Men and Women of Science (REF 503 WOR)

Headstrong, 52 women who changed science-and the world (509.252 SWA)


No Small Courage (305.40973 NO)


National Geographic Index 1888-1988 and 1989-1992 (910.5 NAT) (PRIMARY RESOURCE) We have National Geographic Magazine from 1924-present. All may be photocopied, years 1944-present day may be checked out.

Slavery Through-out History (REF 306.362 SLA)

Is your topic American History?

If so check out Our Nation’s Archive (REF 973 OUR) (Primary Resource)

The Oxford Companion to American History (REF 973.03 JOH)

Encyclopedia of American History (REF 973.03 MOR)

New Encyclopedia of American Scandal (REF 973.03 MOR)

The American Book of Days (REF 394.26973 AME)

Is your topic World History?

Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (REF 940.531800 ENC)

Simon and Schuster Encyclopedia of World War II (REF 940.5303 SIM)

Encyclopedia of African History and Culture (REF 960.03 PAG)

Oxford Companion to British History (REF 941 OXF)

Iowa History?

We also have the Annals of Iowa (1983-present) and Palimpsest (1959-1997). These are Iowa Historical Society publications and cover a wide variety of topics in Iowa’s history. Ask for assistance from a librarian if you think your topic is Iowa specific. You may not check these out but we will copy complete articles for you free of charge.

Also check Iowa Bib -


THIRD: Gale and Credo Reference Databases

Get articles from scholarly journals or primary materials from Gale and Credo Reference. Access at Click on Gale or Credo icon. Both of these resources requires a library card number to use. See a librarian to get signed up for one or to find out your number. Gale icon will take you to a website set up specifically for Hudson Public Library. From there you can search all collections by using the power search box (located on the right-hand side of the screen). Or you can choose a particular collection to search in, for instance choose US History Collection if your topic is a US History event or person. Info Trac Student Edition or Infobits are both collections specifically for students like yourself. I suggest to start with one of them to begin your research. Everything accessed from GALE can be saved to a Google drive account.  Credo is a Reference Database which means it is light on primary source material, however, all articles found in Credo will have a bibliography siting primary sources. If the primary source material is available on-line, it is usually hyperlinked.





FOURTH: Inter-library Loan

This is borrowing material from another Iowa library. This service usually takes at least 2 weeks. Students are limited to 3 requests. You must have a library card and you must live in Hudson or rural Black Hawk County. If you live in Cedar Falls or Waterloo you must go to Cedar Falls Public Library or Waterloo Public Library to request inter-library loan materials. First step is to find the book/documentary that you wish to borrow. You can do this by using Do a keyword search and read the description of the material before you request the book/documentary. Then contact a librarian.


FIFTH: Websites

These will be especially helpful for primary research materials.

State Historical Society of Iowa- Iowa City and Des Moines |

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum- West Branch, Iowa |

National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library- Cedar Rapids, Iowa |

Iowa Digital Library |

Library of Congress: American Memory |

Making of America |

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) |

NARA guide to History Day research |

NARA Guide to Federal Records |

Smithsonian Institution (index) |

New York Public Library |

Digital Public Library of America  |

Internet Public Library |

Internet archive |

Center for History and New Media | | Site combines collections of primary sources

Internet History Sourcebooks | | Collection of primary sources on all periods of history

The Online Books Page | | Lists over 35,000 free books on the Web.

Google Books |

Google Scholar |

ALA primary source guide |

University of Southern Mississippi NHD site | | many resources and links to digital primary source materials.

SIXTH: Contact a librarian.

We are more than happy to help you find the research you need. You can contact us by email or phone, facebook, or in person. We can also set up a research appointment to get one on one research assistance. Contact us by phone at 319-988-4217, by email at or or by a visiting our Facebook page at

This resource is supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act as administered by State Library of Iowa.