Why buy when you can borrow?

The Hudson Public Library has several items available for checkout. Our "Library of Things" includes:

* Decorator cake pans

* Film-to-digital converter, slides and negatives

* Kill A Watt power meter

* Film projectors, 8mm and 16mm; slide projector; projector screens, 40X40 and 49X49

* Magna-view slide sorter and viewer 

* Portable photo studio

* Furniture sliders

* Basketball, volleyball, football, soccer ball, pickle balls and paddles, bucket ball, spike ball, bocce ball

* Variety of disc golf discs (drivers, putters and midrange)

* Bicycle pump

* Microscope 

* WiFi hot spots

* Backpack with day-hiking supplies

* Binoculars

* National Geographic Mega Biology Set

* "Solve a Cold Case" games

* Campfire Stories Deck for Kids